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Love Notes

From happy clients

“I’ve not once regretted talking to Sandi.

Her true-to-life, realistic approach to delivering the sessions made it all super easy to follow and, most importantly of all, put my partner and I at ease.

Having someone so approachable, someone who accepted how we felt and was there to guide us to a happier, more doable future.

Sandi has been there, she gets it and she was there for us to confide in during what were sometimes extremely painful moments.”

“My fertility journey no longer consumes me.

With the tools and words provided, I can now find and make the space in my life for all the things that used to make me happy.

Instead of watching the time tick past and letting it make me miserable, I see it as an opportunity for my partner and I to connect and have the most fun we can.” 

“After just the first session, I was confident that Sandi would save our relationship that was being overshadowed by our struggles with fertility. 
The truth is she did much more than that.
I knew the course would have less content directed toward me being the male and sometimes considered a bystander. But Sandi was very accommodating, I never felt singled-out, always felt listened to, she knew I needed to be treated with the same emotional respect and she tailored a lot of content to suit me.
Every fortnight we would enjoy sitting down together and piecing all the parts of our emotions together.
In the 4 years we had been trying to conceive, I have never felt so positive and confident that everything will be alright.
My partner has gone from (and I need to choose my words carefully here) a fragile and deeply depressed state to being aware of the facts, taking control of her emotions, having the tools to manage the disappointment of our usual aftermath of the dreaded two week wait and external sources from people “trying to understand/help”.
She gave us the courage to move clinics (which was seriously daunting), to live life and love not only ourselves but each other.
Thankyou Sandi for not only helping us out but for being a part of our journey.
You have been a blessing in disguise.” 

Love for the Freedom Fertility Formula:

“I regret to say I told one of my very best friends I hated her when she made her first announcement (her eldest started school this term..). I once spent hours locked in the bathroom sobbing when a random athlete I had never seen before coyly announced her pregnancy live on Sports Personality of the Year. One friend undergoing her umpteethround of IVF said that she wanted to physically hurt pregnant women (she didn’t, don’t worry). I have long been ‘that friend’ who mums-to-be pre-warn before their Big Announcement “because I know it’s sensitive for you”. The subsequent tiny baby pics can also twist your insides like a playground Chinese burn.

However, as I said above, I didn’t hate mystery-pregnant-woman.

In part, I put this down to therapy I’ve been having, a kind of Fertility CBT called Freedom Fertility Formula. The premise that, in the absence of any medical reasons for infertility, it might be our subconscious brain preventing that longed-for pregnancy, by translating our desperation anxiety as danger and ironically stepping in to protect us from the source of danger. Speaking for myself, each month when I’m driving myself crazy scanning my body for possible pregnancy symptoms, the theory that my anxiety is telling my brain that I’m worried about pregnancy, so stops me getting pregnant, makes some sense. Even if the theory turns out to not deliver for me, therapy that helps me stop winding myself into a nervous wreck every few weeks can’t hurt. Although I should add that my practitioner is also a hospital midwife and I was recommended to her by my highly respected NHS Gynaecologist, and given how scathing the NHS can be about alternative therapies, I take that as a big fat thumbs up.”

You can read the full blog article by clicking here.

Anonymous | Freedom Fertility Formula client