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So who is Sandi Friedlos? - SandiFriedlos.com

Hi, I'm Sandi,

Your friend in fertility

Fertility Mentor and Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist

“In the 4 years we had been trying to conceive, I have never felt so positive and confident that everything will be alright.”

I’ve been where you are.
Wondering if it’s ever going to happen for you and throwing everything at it.
I hated it and I want to help you get through it better than I did.
I hated having to pretend that it wasn’t eating me alive. That it wasn’t consuming my every waking moment and dominating my thoughts.
I wondered what it all meant for me as a modern woman wanting it all but being made to wait.
My inner feminist was having a hard time working out whether career or family was my goal and whether I was ok with that.
I know this stuff is hard and painful, and the people going through it need compassion and a safe space to deal with it all honestly.
Fertility is not stiff upper lip stuff.
I hate to see people suffering in silence, needlessly disconnected from their loved ones and society in general, living their life on hold waiting for the pink line to appear and stuck in a cycle of despair.
I believe that it takes more than holding pretty rocks or thinking positively to fall (or stay) pregnant.
I believe that you are not broken, but sometimes the enormity of your pain can make you feel that way.
I believe that you deserve to feel fulfilled and loved and worthy of every good thing, whether that is as a parent or not.
So I focus on you, your mental and emotional needs, and on your relationship now, offering practical, easy and nurturing tools and resources that will help you improve your chances of successful pregnancy.
And the goal here is to add to your family, without sacrificing your relationships and career in the process. Because you are amazing and wonderful as you are today, and your partner thinks so too.
So let’s get your life back from this struggle.
I’m not here to crow about how I have a perfect family – there’s no such thing – but perhaps I can give you hope that you too can survive this.
I believe that if you’re still trying to conceive, then there’s still hope for you, and I promise you I’ll do everything I can to help you hold on to that hope as you make supported and informed decisions about how you wish to move forward, or if necessary equip you to consider other options.

I’m here for you whatever comes next.

“After just the first session, I was confident that Sandi would save our relationship that was being overshadowed by our struggles with fertility.”
I’m inclusive of partners in this process:
“I knew the course would have less content directed toward me being the male and sometimes considered a bystander. But Sandi was very accommodating, I never felt singled-out, always felt listened to, she knew I needed to be treated with the same emotional respect and she tailored a lot of content to suit me. Every fortnight we would enjoy sitting down together and piecing all the parts of our emotions together.”
What I offer are tools and support to help you move away  from desperation and uncertainty towards being calm confident and in control of your fertility journey, able to handle whatever happens next:
“My partner has gone from (and I need to choose my words carefully here) a fragile and deeply depressed state to being aware of the facts, taking control of her emotions, having the tools to manage the disappointment of our usual aftermath of the dreaded two week wait and external sources from people “trying to understand/help”. She gave us the courage to move clinics (which was seriously daunting), to live life and love not only ourselves but each other.Thankyou Sandi for not only helping us out but for being a part of our journey.”
You can find some of my favourite tools and resources on my Fertility Resources page, in my blog articles, and in the feed of my facebook business page.
Shall we get started?
Or maybe you’re sick of waiting and want to get a head start on working with me by signing up for the 5 Day Fertility Reboot.